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Your resort in Acapulco

"Quinta" means small hacienda. Our Quinta is located at one of the most beautiful places of the world. It is approx. 1,2 ha big and is situated on a 600 m wide land-strip between the Pacific and one of the most beautiful lagoons of Mexico, within a distance of only 20 minutes to Acapulco. Our domicile is not a hotel, but our residence, this means, that everything has a very familiar touch. You will immediately feel yourself integrated in the family.

The name of the lagoon is "Laguna de Coyuca". It is approx. 3 miles wide and 20 km long, with two larger islands. It is located within magnificent forests of cocnut palms and tropical birds fly around everywhere.
Our Quinta lies at the bank of this lagoon and is only at a distance of 100 m to the beach of the pacific. Thus you can go swimmimg wherever you want. Isnīt that terrific???
On our property there are various tropical fruit trees besides of 200 coconut palms of different size. In addition hundreds of gorgeous plants decorate our garden. Our house is completely adjusted to this environment.

We rent 6 guestrooms (all with WC, shower and breakfast and on request also with lunch) and 1 bungalow (with 2 bedrooms, bath, kitchen, living room and a patio, with optional breakfast) . You immediately feel homelike. On demand we pick up our guests from the airport and take them back (against a small fee). We organize tours to everywhere, we provide kayaks without charge and we give lessons in sailing and waterski. Besides, we have 4 motor-boats, so everything what you desire. There is no place on this earth, where sunrise and sunset is as beautiful as here and where nights with full-moon are more romantic.

To summarize all this: